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Sport Day 2019

Sport Day 2019 (29 June 2019)

Back again for the SCMA sports day.. The place in this competition is Bludeck Sport Club with sport named “Chair Ball” The purpose for all employees to exercise, relax and strengthen relationship and unity among our employee..

Arrived and warming up!!

This competition divided into 4 teams as RedBlueYellow and Green which knock-out competition.
Next.. Let’s see the player of each team…^^

Could you guess which team will get Champion for this competition?…Eiei
This competition have prize for each teams by ranking and have special prize by our MD for MVP of each teams. Clap your hands!!!!

Let’s see a bit of competition pictures…(Very a little bit..T_T);

Next.. Let’s see the competition clip… (These clip support by Admin Dept.)

The end.. For the Champion of SCMA Sport Day 2019 is..!!! Team “Green” Congratulation!!!! Clap your hands!!!! 
The prize for the winner is “Gift Voucher” from Tesco Lotus 300 baht!! for each player in teams. Go to shopping….^^

For 1st runner-up is..!!! Team “Blue” Lost with a little bit score.
The prize for the 1st runner-up is “Gift Voucher” from Tesco Lotus 200 baht!! for each player in teams. Still can go to shopping….^^

For 2nd runner-up is..!!! Team “Red” Even losing the blue team for the first time, but returned to win the Yellow Team with an overwhelming score.
The prize for the 2nd runner-up is “Gift Voucher” from Tesco Lotus 100 baht!! for each player in teams. Enough to shoping a little^^

The last for 3rd runner-up is..!!! Team “Yellow” Next year may be you can get Champion. Fighting!!
The prize for the 3rd runner-up is “New umbrella” for each player in teams. Oh! the prize is really suitable with the Thailand weather in during this time. 

For MVP of each teams who get vote by teammates will get the special prize from our MD. The prize is.. “Cash 500 baht!!!” 
OHO!! Very generous!!^^ Let’s see.. who are they?!!

Finally, take a group photo for a memorial, please everyone always fit your body and see you next year!! Bye bye!!
Next.. we will go to “Suvarnabhumi Seafood buffet” (After exercise may be we will eat a lot…Don’t be afraid^^)

Last score for last game..